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Our story

It was the middle of November in 2018, when I was desperately working at my computer trying to meet deadlines.
               And every time I finally hopped out of my chair… I was hit with numbing neck and lower back pain.
This had gone on for months.
But this time it was different.
Much more painful…much longer lasting.
So I did something about it every time I could take a break from work (very few chances).  
I searched like crazy through pages on Google.
Read every anatomy book from the local library.
And watched 100s of videos all across the internet.
Days turned into months – but I found nothing.
I was stressed and out of time.
Just as I was threw my hands up…
An image shot into my mind.
From almost 3 years before when I got a massage on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.
I felt the good feeling all over again.
And in that moment a light bulb went off in my head.
“How can I bring that to me?”
So, fast forwarding over asking manufacturers, searching for ideas and taking out scary loans…
Here I am, trying to give you a quick and easy fix to your aches and pains.
Because it really shouldn’t be any other way.
Instead we’ve had to compromise – to put everything else ahead of our own wellbeing.
We’ve had to wait around to be told what to do and how to do it.
While wasting more money than necessary.
The result?
A cabinet full of pills, overtaxed bodies and endless doctor’s appointments.
My mission now is to end this all for you.
To give you something you control…
That is affordable, almost instant and simple.
That you can use for 100s of HOURS in your home, office and car.
And that makes every other option obsolete.
So, my question now to you is: Will you join me on this journey?
Founder and Head of customer relations.