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Massagezy One

Massagezy One

Massagezy One

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Take it wherever you go.


Imagine having a massage in comfort of your home, office and car every time your pain flares up.

You take a deep breath and reach for your Massagezy One.
You sit back, relax and turn it on. 
It's time for a massage. 
Do you feel that? 
Under your warm skin?
Your kinks are gently unwinding.
That's the Massagezy One effect.
And you control it. 

Designed for everyone. The thin, light and compact design makes it super-easy to use anywhere on your body without loss of comfort. Because its curves fits to yours.

The power of real hands.


Trying to manage pain can be extremely frustrating. And that’s why we engineered the 24W steel-motor. Because with all its power, you can now say bye-bye to kinks, aches and sharp pains within 15 minutes – again and again – in your neck, lower back, shoulders or calves. Not only that, you can also stop worrying about your future flare up.
Honestly, it’s almost like having your own chiropractor!
Speed it up or slow it down. Introducing new button that allows you to choose the intensity of your massage. No matter how you feel – you can have your ideal massage anytime.

Pro tip: Use a towel in between for supreme comfort.

Want this heat? Heat loosens muscles and pumps blood. Which is why within 3 minutes you’ll feel mind-numbing heat on your skin. This means you can get back to gardening, doing jumping jacks and baking pies with a spring in your step.

Pro tip: Use heat pack before and after massage for longer relaxation.  

Perfect way to unwind after long day.

Can you remember being so relaxed that everything seemed to disappear? 
Imagine feeling like that day in, day out.
Because scientists say you can with 30 minutes of massage.
This means after using your Massagezy One just couple times a day - you'll feel less tense, catch yourself smiling to simple things, breeze through tedious tasks at work and be fully present every second of family time. 

Only side effect: You may fall asleep. But don't worry because…automatically turns off after 15 minutes and measures heat levels giving you peace of mind and safety.

The full experience. The massage heads switch at 30 second intervals to soothe your muscles and calm your mind from all angles.

Restore your deeper sleep.

 A better day begins with a better night. And better health begins with good sleep. 
So, simply hop into bed with your Massagezy One and take your mind and body on a calming journey.
As a result: feel less grumpy, buzz with energy and wake up with a smile on your face.
Pro tip: Slip on earphones and listen to nature sounds.

Invest in you. Invest in your future.

Imagine what it would be like to have your own chiropractor who worked at your command.
Because you get the next best thing with Massagezy One. 
But here's the crazy part:

So, if you’re ready to look into the mirror and see a greater, healthier you – then go ahead and make this investment today.

Other features.


 Sandwich mesh cover is soft on skin and highly protective.
Faux (recycle-friendly) leather is tough and easy to clean.
Car plug and 1.5m extension cable (5ft).
Easily secure Massagezy One to your favorite chair with Velcro strap.
Adapters for US, UK, AUS, CAN.
Crimson red light creates dim-light massage experience.

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